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VOA地道英语一分钟视频 English in a Minute: Down to Earth 2015-3-14(英语字幕)

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VOA地道英语一分钟视频,English in a Minute 2015-3-14,英语视频带字幕,是VOA最经典的节目之一,最佳英语学习材料。

  Welcome to English in a minute. What do you think about when you hear this American idiom? Are they talking about traveling to outer space and coming back down to Earth?


 I cannot believe we just met the guitar player from The Rolling Stones! He was so friendly and easy to talk to ! I know! You would have never guessed he is a rock star!


he was just so sown to earth and seemed like a regular guy. If you say a person is a down to earth, you mean he or she is friendly,


informal and realistic. In this example, a famous rock star seemed down to earth-- easy to talk to, like a regular, everyday person.


It can also mean a person is practical and straightforward.  And that's English in a minute.


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